Healthy Treats For Dogs With Kidney Disease
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Welcome to Mattie’s Treats! This site is dedicated to all of the dogs and owners who are currently struggling with canine kidney disease. We offer safe, all-natural treats designed with your dog in mind. Our mission is to make your dog's life better while funding research aimed at eradicating this terrible disease.

One of the joys of being a dog is receiving treats for a job well done or just for being adorable. While a prescription diet can significantly lengthen your kidney disease dog’s life, it typically means sacrificing foods that normal dogs get to have. For that reason, we have developed Mattie's Treats for you and your dog.

Our dog, Mattie, was born with juvenile renal disease so we know what many of you are going through. Having a dog with kidney disease can be a very emotional experience for both dog and owner and we are here to help bring one aspect of normalcy back to your lives.

For every purchase of Mattie’s Treats we will make a donation to fund canine kidney disease research. We have teamed up with the Morris Animal Foundation which is a world leader in advancing veterinary research.

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. Thank you for visiting!


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